5 Tips About Super Easy and Cheap DIY Dog Bed

However, that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to buy a place to sleep for a dog. A homemade dog bed can be a good idea if you have a lot of free time. Let’s find out some unique ideas to create your canine’s sleeping area.

Sweatshirt Dog Bed

There is no denying that sweatshirts are used very popular. Sweatshirts are very flexible to wear and it can be recycled in many ways. In fact, you can recycle it into a bed for your dog. Look in your closet and filter out clothes you no longer wear or other scraps and turn it into a lovely bed for your dog. You need to prepare a cotton pillow and sewing kit to do this.

5 tips about Super Easy and Cheap DIY Dog Bed

This fleece-made bed is perfect for small-sized dogs. There is no denying that this dog bed is very easy to make, you only need to spend an afternoon to complete this homemade project. You will create a great bed for your favourite pet and you can also save money.

Recycled Tire Dog Bed

If you do it cleverly, the tire in your home can become a great homemade bed for your dog and dog. With just a few modifications, your dog will have the perfect place to rest.

First, you need to prepare a tire large enough. Remember to clean the tires. If the tire had been used for months, it would surely be covered with dirt and grime. When the tires are cleaned, let dry it.

A dog bed of about 34 inches is quite fine for a homemade dog bed. If you want your tire to look more like a bed, you can also cut a portion of the tire to create an opening. When everything is ready, just do the paint job, stuff it, etc.

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Old Stool Dog Bed

If you have an old stool in your home and you no longer want it, you do not want to throw it away and it is not feasible to sell it; why not turn it into a nice homemade bed for your dogs? Pieces of furniture that are no longer useful can be used to become a luxurious bed for your dog. You need to clean your stool before proceeding to the next step. Then turn it upside down.

5 tips about Super Easy and Cheap DIY Dog Bed

Depending on your sofa, you can choose the best colour and design to give your dog a new getaway. Drawing on a stool can be a great activity and it can also show your creativity.

While waiting for the paint to dry, you should find a pillow or a cushion of an area that fits into the hollow area of ​​the stool. After the paint is dry, tuck your pillows into an empty area of ​​the stool and you’ll have a noble dog bed suitable for your pet.

Suitcase Dog Bed

A common home item that almost everyone has is an old suitcase. Although it is old, its removal is almost impossible because they are very durable. Another reason you can’t leave it is that it is tied to your travels and business trips, so it has a lot of memories with you.

It is true to say that old and smashed suitcases are still useful. Just a little time, you can turn it into a resting place for your lovely dogs. If you have an exceptionally strong and durable suitcase, it might be the perfect material you need to make a great bed for your dog.

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Fabrication process

Remove your old suitcase and clean if it has been dusty. Take a short amount of time to learn how to connect the top and bottom half.

You’ll only need the bottom of the suitcase so you may need to remove or break the two-piece hinge – this is probably the hardest part of creating a homemade bed from a suitcase

Once you have successfully separated the lower part, remove a pillow and cover it with sham. Place pillows inside the suitcase. Don’t forget to tuck in corners so your homemade dog bed looks neat and beautiful.

Drawer Dog Bed

If you’re going to throw away some furniture because it only takes up too much space or is no longer useful, now is the time to come up with an idea for a dog bed. If you have some bookcases on your list of unused items, look for a drawer in the best condition and keep it for a home-made dog bed project.

5 tips about Super Easy and Cheap DIY Dog Bed

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Fabrication process

The first, make sure that drawers without rough edges that can hurt your pet. Next, you need some time to give the drawers a new look. The open area of ​​the area will act as your dog’s entrance. Also, you need to find a cushion or pillow.

For a baby cot, you can do pretty much the same thing. You just need to cut off the stand and your dog will have a perfect new bed made just for him.

If you don’t have a lot of furniture at home, you probably have a galvanized sink that you are no longer using. Just clean and repaint the tank, so it’s not too shabby next to your furniture. When you’re done repainting, find the perfect cushion or pillow and stuff it inside; and everything is ready.

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All in all, with a bit of time and creativity, you can create something very meaningful for your canines. When you have a lovely dog, you’ll be motivated to find creative ways to give your pet some perfect things without spending a lot of money. As long as you have the right tools, you can have a new dog bed in just a short amount of time. By doing these things yourself, you can save money and space in your home. Remember to clean your dog’s bed regularly. This will help keep your home always smelling pleasant.

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