Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

The length of pregnancy of a dog will range from 60 to 70 days depending on the different dog breeds. Although the length of pregnancy is varied but the cycle of formation will be relatively similar throughout the pregnancy. Besides, every dog breed during pregnancy will have different characteristics. Therefore, in order for you to easily take care of pregnant dogs, we have researched and given the most common characteristics in the article below. If your dog is pregnant, don’t miss out on this article.

Pregnancy cycle of the dogs?

Although the length of pregnancy of each dog will vary, but basically, the pregnancy cycle will take place according to a certain rule that we share below. A dog will get pregnant in about 63 days, of which:

– 2 cells will be formed in 96 hours.

– 4 cells will be formed in 120 hours.

– 8 cells will be formed in 144 hours.

– All cells of the dog will be completed in 192 hours.

– The group of cells will move and fix in the womb of the mother dog for 8 to 9 days.

Certainly, all pregnant dogs have trouble eating. Therefore, you can refer to the foods in here to add nutrition to dogs.

Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

The pregnancy cycle will take place quite similarly with each other in different dog breeds

What is the most important time during pregnancy?

Typically, the gestation period from the 20th to the 28th is the most important time that a mother dog needs to be looked after. This is the period of time that the puppy’s central nervous system, brain, or spinal cord develop. During this time, the position of the fetus also begins to be revealed and we can ultrasound the position of the fetus. Other parts such as legs, hands, eyes, face, intestines… have been completed.

If the mother dog is not cared for, is infected, has infectious diseases, the puppy may be deformed or even die while still in the mother’s womb. Therefore, we need to pay close attention and take care of the mother dog very carefully during this time.

In addition, you also need to see your doctor regularly to find out about your dog’s condition. The list of veterinary care centers in here may help.

When will mother dog suffer morning sickness?

According to our research, like humans, the mother dog will experience intense morning sickness. The duration of morning sickness will range from the first 3-4 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, the health of the mother dog will be seriously reduced and you need to supply the nutrition for the dog. So that, the dog can pass this stage.

Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

You should supply nutrition for mother dogs because the fetus develops comprehensively

Pregnancy stages of mother dog after morning sickness

After 30-40 days of pregnancy, you can take the mother dog to animal health centers to check the health of both the mother dog and puppies. At this time, the veterinarian will be able to scan the fetus’ heart, shape and position. During pregnancy, the mother’s mammary glands will also grow and expand.

After 40 days of pregnancy, puppy size will grow rapidly. Therefore, the dog’s body is always in a state of hunger and appetite. Therefore, you should add more food for the mother dog. The mother dog can provide adequate food and nutrition for puppies. The dog’s tummy will get bigger and we should let the dog rest, avoid exposing the dog to the outside environment and avoid bumping the belly with other obstructions.

From this period until 57th day, the rapid growth of puppies is extremely noticeable. This is also the time when puppies have been fully formed and ready to be born. Although puppies are born early, it is easy to care for and improve their health. The mother’s body temperature usually ranges from 37 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

Puppies will grow steadily if the mother dog provides adequate nutrition and is not negatively affected

A number of current studies have demonstrated that, when the dog’s body temperature drops to 35 degrees Celsius, this means that the mother will give birth to puppies in the next 24 hours. In addition, the spirit of the mother dog at this time will be much more restless and aggressive. They will often tear the bed and make a nest to prepare to welcome their children.

If at any stage you see a dark green or black solution in the mother dog, bring them to a vet immediately. This is an emergency. It points that the fetus is in very dangerous condition. Therefore, maintain the diet and exercise recommended by your veterinarian. Do not arbitrarily supply unknown origin foods or foods, vitamins overdose.

Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

All your actions should be agreed by the doctor

During labor, the mother’s cervix will expand. So that the puppies have space to move out. The mother dog will be in pain and her children will appear after that. The contractions will push the puppy out, the placenta will still cling to the puppy. You should clean the puppy and let the puppy get back to the mother dog. Thus, the process of pregnancy and childbirth within more than 60 days has ended. If you know how to take care of a puppy, puppies will usually be beautiful and healthy.

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Note that you need to know when taking care of a pregnant dog

In addition to the extremely detailed sharing that we have given above, you may also note the following:

– Create a private area for your dog. They can stay after giving birth. The mother dog is very dangerous after birth, you should create strong barriers to ensure safety for both the mother dog, puppies and the people around.

– Make a furry bed to welcome newborn puppies.

– A puppy warm-up device is required as the puppy’s body temperature will be much higher than normal body temperature.

– Need to monitor and record the activities of puppies to facilitate later care.

– Equipping lights for dog kennels.

– Phone number of animal health center.

Things you need to know about a pregnant dog

Be prepared before the mother dog gives birth!


You should not take care of puppies alone. Ask for the help of those around you. Although they are an untamed animal, they are high-class and very intelligent animals. They will feel comforted, relaxed, and not aggressive if they feel that many people are interested and welcome their appearance.

For puppies, you need to take good care of them in the beginning. There are a lot of difficulties for you to get acquainted with the puppies. However, we will support you.

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