Rottweilers are Dangerous, is it true?

There are so many types of dog breeds such as Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Shih Tzu and so on. Different dog breeds have different features that can be distinguished from others. In terms of fierce dog breeds, Rottweilers are at the top of the list. They are known as killers dogs because of being involved in a number of human attacks. In this article, you will know the reason why people call it a dangerous dog. 

The violent history of Rottweilers

Rottweilers have long history of being fierce. In the past, this kind of dogs guarded the cattle for the Roman military as well as supported the soldiers a lot against the enemies. Thanks to these dogs, the cattle became the main region that provided food for the army during the war. And Rottweilers were prized highly after that.

Rottweilers were then used to bring the cattle to the wide market. In addition, Rottweilers were good assistants in helping the butchers pull the carts. They also supported the police in their work. In family living, they stand out as a guardian and a best friend to every member.

Rottweilers are Dangerous, is it true?

In the past, Rottweilers guarded the cattle for the Roman military as well as supported the soldiers a lot against the enemies/ Ph:

Highly temperamental characteristics of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are territorial, which means they do not want other dogs to trespass on their area. This feature makes them be good guard dogs. Anything they hold will be extremely protective.

However, if you have these kinds of dogs, you need to train them properly in order to prevent them from involving in attacks.

Additionally, sometimes, Rottweilers can be over-excited and destructive due to lack of exercise. Therefore, you need to get them enough exercise everyday and not keep them stay at one place for the whole day.

If you want your dog to stay healthy while improving its temper, remember to do all the things mentioned above. In spite of being a muscular breed, Rottweiler can easily gain weight if it is not allowed to practise regularly.

Rottweilers are Dangerous, is it true?

You need to train Rottweilers properly in order to prevent them from involving in attacks/ Ph:

Rottweilers love to get attention from their owners

Rottweilers will do anything they can so as to grab their owners’ attention. They are very happy to embrace their owner. And they will stay at that position for such a long period of time while putting their head on your shoulders and sleep well.

Furthermore, they also love outdoor activities like go camping, go hiking, go swimming or play ball. When living in a big family, they become great companions with their playfulness, loyalty and tenderness. They are a source of amusement and protection for your house.

Therefore, if your job needs moving place to place and you do not have much leisure time, you should not own a Rottweiler. They really need your attention, or else, they will become misbehaved. And this is the time you have to deal with bigger problems from your dog.

Rottweilers are strong

As mentioned above, Rottweilers belong to muscular dog breeds so it is not surprising when they are listed among the strongest dogs in the world. They often get up more than 100 pounds.

They are capable of pulling carts and even pulling you if they want. So, you also need to be strong enough to control a Rottweiler at home. It will not funny if your dog can knock you down one day, then you cannot train them anymore.

Rottweilers are Dangerous, is it true?

Rottweilers belong to muscular dog breeds so it is not surprising when they are listed among the strongest dogs in the world/ Ph:

Its strength can be seen as a good quality of them, however, they may be a threat to so many people, especially the elderly people and small kids. Anyone not getting accustomed to a Rottweiler will also feel very afraid of facing with it.

Thus, the advice here is that you should not allow your dog to roam loose in any public areas even in your neighborhood, or around any strange dogs. You may not know what they will react to the others.

Rottweilers require good management of responsible adults. So, if your child does not know how to treat a dog like Rottweiler, leaving him alone with this dog is not a wise idea.

Rottweilers may cause serious injury to your little kid as they think your kid is a prey. It is better to wait for your children to reach school age and then, adopt a new Rottweiler to your house.

Strangers would be a threat to Rottweilers

The general consensus of the dog breed is that they are not interested in making friends with new people. With Rottweilers, when they meet a new person for the first time, they can become a little bit fierce, which creates a bad image for people.

However, once you are Rottweilers’ owner, you will be warmly welcomed by them. They just become dangerous with the person they do not know. Thus, if someone tends to threaten you, your dog will immediately attack them in order to protect its owner. So, you need to tell your friends and family not to act as they are threatening you, or else, they can get hurt because of your dog.

Rottweilers are aggressive

It cannot be denied that Rottweilers are aggressive dogs. They can attack a stranger without thinking much. So, if you are not careful, you may get a bite from them. And because they are big, strong and muscular, they can cause bad damage to your body.

Being aggressive makes Rottweilers become good companions to policemen. Almost every police station owns this kind of dogs. They can be trained to detect the traces of crime.

However, without proper training, they will become very dangerous and destructive. In reality, there are a huge number of incidents related to Rottweilers. Nevertheless, we should not blame these dogs for being so aggressive as that is their natural characteristics.

Rottweilers are Dangerous, is it true?

We should not blame Rottweilers for being so aggressive because that is their natural characteristics differing from others/ Ph:

Experienced dog owners reported that Rottweilers only lost their temper when they did not feel like they were receiving enough dog training from their owner. Then, it was the owner’s fault when neglecting their pets,which made them became misbehaved. In contrast, if your dog is trained with consistency, care and patience, it will return love to you.

When Rottweilers are left alone for a long period of time, they will be so dangerous as they do not know how to act properly with people.


Things that Rottweilers hate about you

Apart from special characteristics mentioned above, there are something Rottweilers hate about you. First, they hate that you love other dogs more than them. They are just jealous because they are not looked after enough while other dogs get a lot of love from you. Thus, having a group of Rottweilers at home, you need to share your love equally between them and your dog will not feel jealous anymore.

Second, Rottweilers hate being hugged. This makes them feel like they are being subdued and trapped. As you may know, Rottweilers are extrovert animals so they will not want to tolerate this.

However, in some certain situations, they will let you hug them because they love you and they know how happy you are when doing this behaviour.

Last but not least, Rottweilers hate your obsession with bathing. Of course, dogs can swim and some Rottweilers even like being immerse themselves in water. But this does not mean that your dog loves bathing. The bath is a small space so your dog may not feel comfortable. And when you put perfume on them, it will irritate their nose and they will hate you more.

All in all, Rottweilers are actually an jealous dog breed. They may be a little dangerous and destructive when it is their first time meeting a stranger and this person does not know how to communicate with them.

Thus, if you tend to have one, you ought to spend enough time caring about them with some activities like playing and training outdoors. Or in case you want to know more other dangerous dog breeds. Then, you will have a full overview of dogs before deciding to adopt one for yourself.

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