5 Best Dog Beds For Labrador – Top Picks and Reviews

It is never easy to find the right bed for your labradors. You have to consider breed, age, size, coat, and habits. So let us make it easier for you by revealing the secrets of choosing a best dog beds for labrador. Also, through the article, you will also know the advantages and disadvantages of some well-known dog beds. Let’s get started!

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

How to find the right bed for your labrador?

Reviews of the top 5 best dog beds for Labrador

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top – Available in Large, XL, Giant XXL for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

This dog bed is perfect for large dogs. Equipped with orthopedic foam, this bed has everything labradors, need to rest comfortably, especially the large ones.

There are three sizes: large, extra-large, and giant for you to choose. Look at the size options, you can see that this bed is meant for large breeds.

About the color of the bed dog, there are four options for you: burgundy,  charcoal gray, chocolate, and khaki. These colors make the bed dog look great in your home.

And because Big Barker is a well-known American dog bed producer, you can count on their products’ quality. All of their products are handmade by craftsmen and craftswomen in Pennsylvania. They have been famous for making high-end furniture and bedding for over 50 years. Currently, they have sold their products to over 10,000 pet parents.

They only use therapeutic foam, the foam used for expensive furniture and high-end human mattresses to make the bed for dogs. The quality foam makes your labradors much more comfortable when resting. You dog also stays away from problems like sinking through the bed, having their joints painful.

Besides, you have the manufacturer’s warranty that the bed’s shape will retain 90 percent for a decade. So if you find the dog bed does not retain its shape as promised, you can have your money back.

Moreover, this dog bed can be machine washed. So you can spend less time washing stuff. Plus, the covers are made from 100 percent microfiber so it is soft to the touch.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top

So let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this dog bed


  • High-quality foam
  • Extra relief to dogs suffering from joint pain, recovering from surgery, etc.
  • Ten-year warranty on the memory foam
  • Suitable for large dogs
  • Unrivaled support


  • Steep price
  • A bit too warm during the summer months
  • The dye transfers from the bed to the floor when using before cleaning the bed’s cover

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Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

This dog bed comes with high-quality memory foam which provides the necessary support for the aging dogs in general, or the senior labradors in specific. Moreover, this bed is a good choice for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint, and muscle stiffness. And because of the quality memory foam, you don’t need to worry about sagging. Its quality is guaranteed.

However, you have to remember to lay it on a flat surface for up to 24 hours after unboxing it. This is necessary for the memory foam to get its original shape

The product comes in various sizes and colors for you to choose the most suitable one. You will love its elegant colors: brown, charcoal, denim, and khaki.

Another feature that you may love about the bed its two layers of protective covering: waterproof cover and faux suede. They are all easily removable for cleaning.

Additionally, both the memory foam and the suede surface are hypoallergenic. Hence, even if your labrador is sensitive, you have nothing to worry about.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

Here is a quick summary of its pros and cons


  • Affordable price
  • Suitable to sensitive dogs
  • Waterproof cover
  • Provides sufficient room to stretch


  • Steep price
  • A bit too warm during the summer months
  • The dye transfers from the bed to the floor when using before cleaning the bed’s cover

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Dogbed4less Memory Foam, Waterproof, Durable Blue Denim Cover

This dog bed also has orthopedic memory foam which provides your labradors a comfortable place to rest. Their memory foam is 5 times denser and 4 times heavier than regular foams. That’s why this bed can be used for years without getting flattened.

Also, because this bed dog uses memory foam your labrador can get the necessary joint support. This support is essential when you have a senior lab at home, or you dog suffers from arthritis.

Moreover, hypo-allergenic memory foam is also highly resistant to bacteria, molds and mildews, and dust mites.

The quality of this bed is excellent, so what about its sizes and colors?

There are a lot of sizes for you to choose such as small-medium, medium-large, large, extra-large, etc. However, there is only one color – the demi in blue. Luckily, this color is easy to mix with other furniture in your home.

And the unique thing about this bed dog is its waterproof liner and two external covers. The waterproof internal zipper cover will protect the memory foam. The covers are 100% washable. They also come with strong zipper in gusset style and extra stitching to prolong the life of the pet bed, wash after wash.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Dogbed4less dog bed


  • Easy to clean
  • Various size options
  • High-quality material
  • Extra relief to support the senior dogs
  • Two-year limited warranty on the memory foam


  • Stinky at first but the smell improves after washing and airing
  • The inner lining looks a bit flimsy

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Happy Hounds Oscar, Large 36 by 48-Inch, Birch

The key feature that makes this dog bed far different from the others is the reversible cover. Your dog can enjoy the velvety softness of microfiber on one side, or the luxurious soft Sherpa panel on the other. The reversible design allows your dog to use the bed for a longer time. Also, the cover is water resistant.

This bed comes in various sizes and colors. You choose a small, extra-small, medium or large bed. About the colors, you choose among these trendy colors: crimson, latte, and brown.

Moverover, it is easy to clean the dog bed because it can be machine washed.

According to the manufacturer, the bed is designed for large canines. It is also perfect for elderly dogs and those with joint problems since the mattress can ease their pain.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Happy Hounds Oscar, Large 36 by 48-Inch, Birch


  • Reasonable price
  • Orthopedic mattress eases painful joints
  • Reversible cover for longer use
  • Suitable for the large canines


  • The zipper was not too sturdy
  • Heavy chewers can tear this bed apart

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Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed

While most dog beds come in a rectangular shape, this one comes in a bagel shape. It is a cozy sleeping pod which has different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds. There are four size options for you to choose: 24-inch, 32-inch, 40-inch, and 52-inch. And the ideal size for labradors is the large 40 -inch bed.

This bed is a good pick because the shape and the color of the bed look perfect. You can easily find a color that suits your interior furniture. The manufacturer provides seven color options: black velvet, chocolate, gray velvet, navi velvet, rust, sage, and stone.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Majestic Pet Suede Bagel Dog Bed / Source: eBay

Another thing you will love about this bed is its waterproof and heavy duty base. It also has the spine Support for the dogs to rest their head and to help straighten their spines.

Moreover, this bed is made from recycled polyester fiber-fill that is friendly to the environment. Thanks to this material, you can easily wash the bed with a washing machine.


  • Good quality for its price
  • Spine support
  • Waterproof denier base
  • Environmental-friendly material


  • Strong smell
  • Not suitable for the chewers or the puppies

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Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Ivory

The Armarkat brand is known for providing good quality products for pets like cats and dogs. It has a warranty to ensure your pets get years of enjoyment from its products.

And this bed mat comes with the features that most labrador owners are looking for. It has various size options: medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. However, it only has one color – the ivory.

Best Dog Beds For Labrador

Armarkat Pet Bed Mat, Ivory / Source: Walmart

This bed comes with heavy duty canvas and soft plush with waterproof and skid free base. Its poly filling provides comfort for your dog and helps support the weight of its especially when you have a giant labrador.

Additionally, it is easy to remove the cover and clean the bed thanks to quality zippers.

The only problem with this bed is that the fluffy top of the bed sheds horribly and after washing.


  • Easy to put together
  • Reasonable price
  • Ideal for dogs that are not comfortable with the memory foam
  • High-quality cover
  • Easy to clean


  • Makes a crackling sound making pets think it is a toy
  • Not suitable for chewers
  • Can be fluffy after washing

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What to keep in mind when choosing a best bed for your labrador?

Size Matter

Labs usually have medium-large size. Some of them are huge when they reach adult age. That’s why you need to choose a big bed that fits your dog’s body so he can sleep and curl up in a comfortable way.

If you have a small lab, you can consider a medium-sized bed as long as your dog has enough space to roll around.

Design and Aesthetics

Let’s think of your house style and design before buying a bed for your lab. It would be better if your dog bed is a part of your home’s decoration rather than a complete eyesore. So buy the one that complements your interior design.

Moreover, the design of your dog bed should involve functionality like memory foam. Memory foam is an orthopedic material that moulds to the weight and shape of your pet, so it supports the entire body without causing pressure points. This means your dog feel much more comfortable when resting especially when you pet has a problem with joint pain or  muscle pain.

Material and Durability

Quality is the most essential factor to consider when choosing a bed for you pet. Remember how big your dog is and you will need an excellent dog bed to withstand their weight.

And to know if the bed is high-quality or not, you have to check its materials. The information of material will tell you a lot about its quality. Also, by reading the material information, you can avoid buying a bed with the material you dog is allergic to. You can check out more information about how to keep your dogs’ skin healthy.

Besides, if your dog is a chewer, you may need a bed that could withstand that bad habit. It is a good idea to look into the brand of bed dog or the workmanship.


Dogs are much more sensitive to scents than humans. So if you find the smell of beds is terrible, your dog may feel extremely uncomfortable with that smell. Additionally, it is awful to have something smelly inside your home.

The cause of this dreadful smell is the chemicals used to make the dog beds. Almost every dog bed has a smell. Some of them are not so bad, but the others are terrible. You can use your olfactory skills to buy a bed with the sweet fragrant. Or if you are planning to buy your bed dog online, carefully read the reviews of the previous users. You can also ask them more questions about the smell of the bed dog.

Removable Covers

Removable covers will save you from a lot of headaches when taking care of your dogs.

That’s because labradors love to rolling around in the dirt, then go back to their beds and roll again. This makes their sleeping area is easy to get dirty. And if you don’t have removable covers, you have to clean every part of your dog bed. This cleaning process takes a lot of time and effort than just cleaning the removable covers.

So don’t forget to buy removable covers! They will make the cleaning process much easier.

Click here to find out more about how to clean a dog bed


Another factor you should never forget to look at when purchasing a bed dog is the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Check their warranty and the information of the manufacturer to know if they are confident about their product or not. You should never buy a product with no warranty or warranty with unclear information.

Here are some factors to check before buying a bed dog. Scroll down to the next part of my article to know the features as well as the pros and cons of some top dog beds.


Among these dog beds above, Dogbed4less (check price) seems to be the most suitable bed for your labrador. Its price is reasonable compared to its high quality. It also takes care of the health of your labradors’ joints. So, take this bed right away and make it cozy heaven for your dog.

If you have a tight budget, a homemade bed is a perfect choice for you.

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