Can your dog take Pepto-Bismol?

It is true to say that Pepto-Bismol is known as a common drug for stomach illness in humans. However, this wonderful medicine is not only beneficial for stomach disease in humans. It can also be used for dogs suffering from stomach problems. But before you let your pet use this drug, there are a few things you need to know.

What is Pepto-Bismol

The fact of the matter is that Pepto-Bismol is a medicine used to treat diarrhea and relieve symptoms of stomach pain in humans. Pepto-Bismol acts as an antacid. It can assist you with overcoming symptoms like heartburn, nausea and indigestion, belching, and a feeling of fullness, etc. In addition, Pepto-Bismol contains the active ingredient that was called bismuth subsalicylate. Pepto-Bismol belongs to a group of drugs that was called salicylates. Pepto-Bismol is available in the form of a small tablet, chewable tablet, and liquid. At maximum intensity, it is available as a liquid.

Can your dog take Pepto-Bismol?

Pepto-Bismol is known as a common drug for stomach illness in humans

Although Pepto-Bismol is considered to be beneficial to humans, we must not overdo it. In fact, adults and children 12 years of age and older can use any form of Pepto-Bismol for up to two days. If your condition persists for more than two days or if you have ringing in the ears, stop taking Pepto-Bismol and call your doctor. You need to keep in mind that taking Pepto-Bismol for more than six weeks can lead to a buildup of chemicals in the body and lead to toxicity. For such cases in children with chicken pox and influenza, Pepto-Bismol is not safe to use. Nursing mothers should also consult their doctor carefully before using this medicine.

In both cases, Pepto-Bismol may increase the risk of developing Reye’s neurological syndrome. This situation is very dangerous. According to statistics, about 20 to 40 percent of the affected individuals die. And one third of those who survive this disease have brain damage. Overall, Pepto-Bismol will be very helpful if used correctly. However, Pepto-Bismol can also make us worse. You should not use Pepto-Bismol to treat diarrhea yourself if you have symptoms like a fever or your stool contains blood or mucus. If you have these symptoms, call your doctor right away. They can be a sign of a serious health condition, such as an infection.

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Can you use Pepto-Bismol for your dog?

As the article mentioned about Pepto-Bismol above, this drug is safe to a certain extent for humans. So is Pepto-Bismol safe for dogs? – Come with me to find the answer.

Try searching for Pepto-Bismol on the web. You will find that some people give their pets to this drug. If you have a dog that is weak and looks sad because of a single pain, you may be able to use this medication to help relieve it quickly. However, everything you do should only be managed with your vet’s approval.

Chances are you are wondering whether you should give this antacid to your dog or now. There is no denying that to be safest for your pet, it is better to look for safer alternatives than you risk using an antacid that can be harmful even to humans and pets.

Can your dog take Pepto-Bismol?

There is no denying that to be safest for your pet, it is better to look for safer alternatives than you risk using an antacid that can be harmful even to humans and pets

Dr. Jessica Wallach, a veterinarian at the NYC Animal Medical Center, said: “Dog owners should only give Pepto-Bismol to their pets when their vet instructs them to do so. In any case, this medicine should only be administered in serious cases. While Pepto-Bismol could soothe your canine’s stomach, it can have harmful side effects that could put your dog’s health at risk.”

What are the side effects of Pepto-Bismol

Some veterinarians will recommend you should Pepto-Bismol for your dog in small amounts. However, others believe that it is better not to use it on your own because of the possible negative effects. The first, this medication may change the color of your dog’s stool. In fact, when your dog is having digestive problems, you need to observe the status of the stool. Therefore, it is really troublesome if the color of your dog’s stool does not reflect the actual situation.

If the stool has blood in it, report this to your vet immediately. This could be a sign of a serious medical problem. Pepto-Bismol can mask colors so it can prevent you from knowing if your dog’s stool is good blood. When your dog takes this medication, their stool can turn into a greenish black color.

Another reason you should not use Pepto-Bismol is that Pepto-Bismol contains aspirin. You probably do not know, too much aspirin can lead to gastric ulcer in dogs. The risk of getting ulcer becomes even greater when besides taking Pepto-Bismol, your dog is taking a different medication to treat a number of other health conditions. Therefore, it is best to use Pepto-Bismol for pets after talking with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian knows your dog’s medical history so they will have the most accurate advice for you

Another veterinarian, Dr. Jerry Klein, also agrees with the opinion that Pepto-Bismol should only be used as a temporary remedy. If you must use them for pets, one or two doses will suffice. Especially for pregnant or lactating dogs, you should not give them Pepto-Bismol. Pepto-Bismol is also contraindicated in dogs with bleeding disorders. Although Pepto-Bismol can be safely used for your dog, if you use it in the wrong way or overdose, it can kill your dog.

How to use Pepto-Bismol

If your veterinarian agrees that your dog needs treatment with Pepto-Bismol, you will need a syringe for this. This medicine will be taken by mouth so you will not need needles. Point the end of the syringe to the back of your dog’s tongue. To make sure your dog swallows the medication you should hold his snout for a short time (about a few seconds).

In fact, when using Pepto-Bismol for your dog, the dosage that veterinarians recommend is one teaspoon per 10 pounds. The same amount of medication can be given every six to eight hours.

However, you must stop taking this medication right away if your dog continues to have diarrhea even after taking Pepto-Bismol. Instead, contact your veterinarian so you know the best thing you need to do in this situation.

Can your dog take Pepto-Bismol?

When using Pepto-Bismol for your dog, the dosage that veterinarians recommend is one teaspoon per 10 pounds

A few other medications you should have

So are there any other medications that can rescue your dog dealing with stomach problems?


Loperamide, the generic name for Imodium is very good for Dogs with diarrhea. This medicine has a few things to note and contraindications. If your dog is taking other medications, you should consult your veterinarian before giving it to your pet. In fact, Loperamide (Imodium) should never be used for more than two days.

Pepcide (Famotidine)

Famotidine (or Pepcid) is another option for dog owners. This is a good choice for dogs suffering from stomach problems due to acid buildup. The fact of the matter is that this drug has not been approved by the FDA for pets, so you should be cautious about using it. Always ask your vet.


Diarrhea in Dogs- what should you do?

When your pet shows diarrhea, Pepto-Bismol is not a leading solution. You can find other solutions to ease the pain your pet is feeling. Diarrhea in dogs is also quite similar to diarrhea in humans. The situation can be resolved even if you do not need to do anything. If you feel your pet needs your help, try to do so by adjusting your diet.

A scientific diet will definitely help your dog improve the situation. Put your dog on a diet that includes chicken and white rice for a few days. If the condition is not resolved, you should consult your veterinarian

All in all, Pepto-Bismol is safe for both humans and dogs. However, you should not risk using it for your dog at will. You may only do so with explicit approval from your vet. Pepto-Bismol has certain side effects and it should only be used as a temporary solution. Pepto-Bismol can mask the color of stool and you will have difficulty diagnosing what you have to do for your dog. Besides, it can also mess with x-ray results and misdiagnosis can lead to bad consequences

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