Instructions for properly cleaning dog teeth at home

If the oral health is something humans care so much, then for the animals, the dental health is equally noticeable. Dogs are one of the intelligent animals, good digestive system but very poor resistance to oral bacteria. Therefore, oral protection for dogs is something we need to pay attention. Healthy dogs are dogs with good oral health. To protect the dog’s health in general and to keep the dog’s oral hygiene in particular, you need to know instructions for to properly cleaning dog teeth at home. With our right home hygiene solution, you don’t need to take your dog to the vet. Just 15-20 minutes at home, the dog already owns a clean, sweet teeth and mouth.

Maintain regular brushing habits

To maintain dog hygiene well, we should maintain regular brushing habits for your dog. Similar to humans, dogs will eat a lot of different things everyday. So, to keep food particles not stuck in the dog teeth and become an environment for bacteria to invade, you need to brush your dog’s teeth at least once a day. If your dog doesn’t eat indiscriminately, you can also brush its teeth 3-4 times a week. However, the dog’s teeth are different from our teeth, so you need to have specialized kits to help dogs clean its teeth.

cleaning dog teeth at home

Regular brushing plays a major role in protecting the oral health of dogs


You will need a large, soft brush and a tube of dog toothpaste to clean their teeth. You can buy these at a pet store or at a pet hospital. In addition, we think that a toothpick package is also necessary to clean the dog’s teeth regularly. If your dog is less than 1 year old, a finger brush will work better. If your dog is over 1 year old, a toothbrush with long and large handles will more suitable.

If you have not found a suitable toothpaste, try toothpaste with a pleasant scent, low foam. Because your dog will be extremely naughty and the toothpaste like this will curb the dog’s mischief. Also, pay attention to toothpaste containing ingredients that are harmful to the dog’s digestive system. Do not choose such toothpaste, it will make your dog feel uncomfortable.

cleaning dog teeth at home

To be able to clean the teeth for your dog, you must know how to soothe the dog’s naughty

Note, clean their teeth when they are comfortable and not too excited by some things. Calm and relaxed dogs will help you easily to facilitate oral hygiene. Dogs are very sensitive to anything new, so slowly touch their gums. Then, they can adjust gradually. According to the dog behavior study we conducted, most dogs around the world tend to reject new things but also get used to new things very easily.

If possible, have them taste toothpaste before brushing them. Later, you will find what the dog likes, the oral hygiene job will become simpler and more interesting. Preparing utensils and psychology to brush teeth for dogs is just the first step for you to clean and protect oral health for dogs. To be able to perform properly, you should refer to our proper brushing instructions below.

cleaning dog teeth at home

Psychology and tools are not enough, the instructions for brushing teeth for dogs below are the focus that you need to pay attention

Instructions for properly brushing your dog at home

When your dog has gotten used to brushing its teeth, this is the right time for you to practice your dog’s oral hygiene. However, how can we eliminate all the stubborn plaque on each dog’s teeth? Join us to follow the instructions for properly brushing your dog at home below. We are sure that your dog will be very docile with our tips.

You should brush your dog’s teeth in a circular motion from left to right and from the inside out during the brushing process. If the dog’s gums bleed slightly, do not worry, it is only a small sign that the dog’s gums are cleaned. You can rest assured and continue brushing your dog. However, if you see your dog is bleeding too much, stop and take your dog to the veterinary hospital immediately.

Ignore this case, if you want to clean your dog’s teeth, brush your teeth carefully. Every tooth is an opportunity for bacteria to invade and harm the dog’s health. You need to be careful with each tooth, especially the canine and incisors of the dog.

cleaning dog teeth at home

Brushing each tooth carefully is the best way to clean teeth

Your goal is to remove all the plaque, leftovers on the dog’s teeth. So, you should pay attention to each tooth. If your dog is too mischievous, try to clean the canines and front teeth because these are the two teeth that can easily get dirty. Don’t forget, pat your dog to make them feel most comfortable and relaxed and let you brush your teeth without mischief. Doing like this can help your pet stay calm throughout the process. This makes your job much easier.

We understand that cleaning your dog’s teeth is really a difficult task. Therefore, you need to be very hardworking and persistent to make the dog clean and healthier. We think that if you have an endless passion for animals, then certainly the oral hygiene and care for them will not too hard with you, right?

In addition to oral health care for dogs, we think you need to know how to take care of the dog’s skin to ensure the overall health of the dog. If you want to learn more about dog skin care, find out more here.

cleaning dog teeth at home

Find out more about how to care for your dog’s skin so that his health is fully developed

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