Dog collar and harness: which is the better choice?

Until the dog extermination movement became more assertive, this debate became much more popular than before. It is true to say that both of these things have their own advantages, so it is difficult for an owner to make a decision. When they make a choice, they both have to consider both. Thus, this article is one thing they are probably looking for.

Dog collar and harness-why do we need the?

The fact of the matter is that both of these things work to keep your dog on a leash, you are in the right place. Occasional restraint of your pet is necessary. Dogs can succumb to their natural instincts no matter how obedient they are and obey you. If you are in trouble because your dog is very playful, there is no better way to control your pet by keeping your pet on a leash.

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A dog collar or a harness-which is better for your pet?

It is possible that there is no concrete and exact evidence that shows which one is completely better. In fact, depending on the breed or their physique and behavior we will have different options.

Traditionally, to keep pets in the bay, dog owners have used dog collars. However, people today have better awareness. They understand that collars can damage the dog’s airway. Therefore many people have chosen harness. “Dog collar or harness?”, the answer to this question depends very much on the specific situation.

So, to give you a good choice, we will discuss when it is ideal to use dog collars or when you need a harness.

Use a dog collar? When is the right time

There is no denying that using a dog collar is a traditional way of keeping dogs. So we will start with it. It is true to say that the dogs will feel overwhelmed when they are wearing a harness. If you have non-aggressive dogs and they mostly listen to you, a collar is a good choice. In addition, dog collars are also ideal when your dog has no trachea problems when wearing it.

Dog collar and harness

It is true to say that the dogs will feel overwhelmed when they are wearing a harness

In addition, traditional dog collars are also functional and visible. You can attach your dog identification and your contact information on your dog’s collar to prevent you from losing it. Besides, it easily slides on and off the dog collar.

Although its benefits are very clear and we cannot deny. But it seems the collar is no longer suitable. Studies reveal that pressure in the neck causes neck injuries, as well as thyroid, neck and ear problems.

Ideally, you should not use metal choke collar on your dogs. There is no denying that these devices are not beneficial for your dog. Take advantage of traditional dog collars or martingale.

It can hardly be denied that the size of the collar largely depends on the breed of dog that you own. Obviously, a martingale is just something to use when you have a hunting dog or a dog with a thick neck. When your dog pulls back, the martingale collar gently laces around the neck for your pet so it will not slip off.

When are harnesses the better choice for your dogs?

When your dog is an active and mischievous dog, the harness is the perfect choice. It is especially useful when your pet tends to lunge or pull on their leashes. Thanks to using a harness, you will easily control your dog. Using a harness is better than using a dog collar when your dog has a trachea problem or is at risk of developing such a health problem.

Some kind of dogs such as chihuahuas, poodle, and pugs will fit very well with a harness. It is especially suitable for Pugs because this is a kind of dog that we cannot maintain too much pressure on their neck. It seems that their eyes bulge out of the sockets

On other hand, the dog harnesses are very flexible because you can attach them to the front or back. As we all know, the use of harnesses is also common in dog training. However, try not to use a back clip harnesses for training as it tends to draw your dog away from your attention.

Dog collar and harness

The harnesses are very flexible because you can attach them to the front or back

It is possible that using the front attaching harness is better if your dog is a large dog. It will help you to have more control over your dog. For kind of dogs such as chihuahuas, poodle, and pugs of other small breeds, it is best to use a rear harness. Thanks to using it, you will not put too much pressure on your pet’s chest.

Other, keeping your pet with Healthy Skin is also important.

All in all, before buying dog accessories for your pet, you should explore it in all aspects and determine what your intended use is. No matter how much time you spend on a better choice, the real question is “what is your dog and how does it behave?” Above is what you need to make the right choice for your beloved pet.

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