How Hard Is It To Potty Train a Havanese?

Having a pet in the house brings us lots of fun, especially Havanese dogs with their adorable appearance and playful temperament. However, you might be worried about potty training as it is a painful job to do. 

Don’t be frustrated when potty train your dog as these Havanese dogs are highly trainable. You can also learn some tips from this article as we will provide some basic facts about potty training Havanese dogs. Read carefully to know what you can do about it.

Things you should know when potty train a Havanese dog

Havanese dogs are small so they are very cute and affectionate. They are also smart and quite easy to potty train. However, with its cuteness, your Havanese can trick you into allowing bad behavior. If you don’t stand firm and let this happen, it will be really difficult to teach your Havanese well-behaved. As a result, it will cause you quite a lot of troubles.

Havanese dogs are cute and smart/ PH: pinterest

To answer the question in the title, you must consider many factors. It can be a yes or a no. Havanese dogs are toy dogs, so obviously they are harder to potty train than others. Some Havanese dogs might get the bad habits from growing in confinement. For example, they don’t know that they should not poop in the eating or sleeping area. So try to avoid getting them this habit as much as possible, then the potty training will be much easier.

In addition to that, people tend to carry toy dogs everywhere they go, and carry them to a designated spot to poop, so the dogs will not have the ability to learn to potty on its own. If you are in this case, you should stop carrying them like that and allow them to walk outside where they need to poop. 

Also, allowing these dogs to stay on the floor will help with the potty train than holding them in your arms or let them sit on your lap. That is because they can learn how to communicate with the call of nature when they are on the floor. While it is challenging to potty train a Havanese dog, the process can be easier if you know how to teach and treat your dog properly. Some Havanese owners said that it was not very hard, so just focus on improving your potty training skills, you will feel less frustrated.

How to successfully potty train a Havanese dog?

Firstly, you need to stick to a habit. Most dogs are predictable when they want to poop, so you need to observe carefully and make them go out to poop by themselves. Be aware that puppies require more attention than adults.

Watch for signs when your dog needs to go potty/ PH:

Secondly, you need to watch for signs. Don’t forget to take your Havanese dog out for a walk when you think that they need to go potty. Also, bring your dog to the same spot will help them remember where they have to poop in.

Thirdly, always remember to leash your dog and let it walk on its own. Don’t pick your Havanese dog up and place it on the spot.

Another thing you should try is to tone down the punishment whenever your dog forgets to poop at the right place, it usually happens with puppies. They are not always listening when you try to discipline them, instead, they would react better if you use positive reinforcement. They will realize that if they poop in the wrong place, they would get punishment from you, so they will try to hide by leaving poop when you are not around or in their secret places that you can not find easily.

Last but not least, be patient and reward your dog when they do the right thing. Just like kids, when they know doing something will fetch them a treat, they will continue to do it.

How to reduce frustration when your Havanese dogs are not housebroken?

You can put your Havanese in a crate/ PH: pinterest

It will be frustrating when your pets are not potty trained. In this case, you should confine your dog. It means that you don’t allow it to access to the entire house. When they can only be at particular places, you will be able to minimize the damage to the rest of the house. For example, you can purchase a crate for your Havanese dog. That will be its own place of safety and comfort. It will also make it easy to transport the dog to anywhere else. To effectively potty train your Havanese, the crate needs to be big enough for it to move around comfortably, but not too much that it can create a toilet area. 

Also, if your dog doesn’t like crate, try to keep it stay in its area, except for when you want to train it. These dogs are hairy so letting them run around will make it difficult for you to clean the house as well as their hair. Confining your Havanese dog is a good option because these dogs rarely poop at their sleeping areas. They will try to get your attention whenever they want to go potty.

What are the things that your Havanese dog needs?

Discipline and easy access to their spot are two main things that a Havanese dog needs. So if you can make sure to provide these things to your dog, you will be successful in potty train them. In general, Havanese dogs are intelligent and compliant, they are also highly trainable. Therefore, their behavior and actions reflect their owners training abilities. 

As each dog has a different approach, if your Havanese is not acting up to par, you will have to change your way of approaching it to get better results. Also, it will always be a good option to let your Havanese dog wear a diaper. Learn more about dog diapers here

So now, have you answered your question? Do you think it is really hard to potty train a Havanese dog? It all depends on how you handle it. So be patient and find a good approach on your pet.

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