How long can a dog live without eating?

There are some reasons that a dog refuses to eat. It could be a medical reason or a behavioral one. The changes in his environment or sickness could result in fasting too. And usually your dog can survive from 2 to 5 days without food, depending on which breed he is.

When you realize that your dog doesn’t eat, and there are other symptoms, you should bring him to the vet clinic to identify the problem. Also, pay more attention to him is a must. Follow these steps to know what is happening to your dog.

When did your dog start refusing food?

How long can a dog live without eating?

You should notice when is the first time your dog refuses to eat

As an owner and the one who feed your dog, you should always notice when he is not eating. It is better to take note when is the first time he refuses to eat, it will help to figure out what is happening to him. If it is because of sickness and your dog doesn’t have any other symptoms, you won’t need to be too worried for the first 48 hours.

However, it will be a bigger problem when he has been vomiting or experiencing diarrhea for days and then he refuses food. In this situation, you need to bring him to the vet immediately. If there are family members that help you to look after your dog, you need to check on them if your dog acts different.

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Check for your dog’s symptoms

How long can a dog live without eating?

Dehydration is also dangerous to your dog

When your dog is not eating but haven’t shown any symptoms yet, you can try to press his belly to see whether it is hard or your dog is in pain when you do that. Also, check his gums to see if they are still moist and pink.

Otherwise, if there are signs of dehydration, you need to give him medical attention. Additionally, any unusual things discovered while examining your dog should be reported to the vet. It is never too early to take him there for a checkup.

Check the food that your dog eats

If your dog just refuses to eat, but there is no medical symptoms, the only thing you will need to check is his food. It could be because he dislikes the food that you changed. Some dogs will refuse to eat their food if they don’t like the formula. Other reason could be the quality of the food. You need to check the appearance of the food and the smell of it. If they are not in good quality, you should provide your dog a fresh one.

Additionally, some dogs with sensitive digestion system will need special diet. So if you feed him with food that is hard to digest, he may have allergies or some other problems.

It is also possible that you can’t find anything unusual, but your dog still doesn’t like to eat, you should drop by a vet clinic so the doctor can give you some advice.

Your dog can have stress

How long can a dog live without eating?

Dogs can have stress due to changes in their routines

Like people, dogs can have stress. They like routine and if there is a change in the routine, it will affect them. They might be upset and stop eating. The changes can be moving houses, there is a new member in the house, or going on a vacation. Also, a change in the food can upset your dog as well. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience to your dog, you should remember:

  • If you want to make any changes, make sure you do it gradually so that your dog will have time to adapt to the changes without feeling insecure.
  • If you decide to change your dog’s food, choose the food which has the same ingredients as the ones that he’s been used to. You can also mix old food with new food day by day.
  • Try not to change your dog’s feeding routine, he should be fed at the same time every day. If you are too busy, you can ask someone else for help.
  • If you take your dog with you on vacation, make sure to bring his stuffs, including his bed and toys, they will help him calm down.

Why your dog doesn’t eat?

Usually when a dog refuses to eat, it is a sign of sickness. Just like humans, sick pets eat less than they usually do. These behaviors such as acting lethargic, shyness, refusing to eat can help animals cope with their illness. When your dog doesn’t eat, do not force him to do anything, but pay attention and support him.

If there is a problem with gastrointestinal system, fasting can help improve the situation. However, it will only be good for a few days. If it lasts for too long, do not ignore it. The lack of nutrition can make dogs die. Depending on the age of the dog, the physical and mental strength, the state of health or wellness and the hydration levels of the dog, he can live from 2 to 5 days without eating.

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Some tips for you

In a dog’s life, there will be the time when he changes his behavior such as refusing to eat, becoming more dangerous…Being an owner, you should notice these changes and support your pet in time. If the changes are minor, you can just pay more attention to him or ask for suggestions. The reasonable amount of time to observe your dog since he starts to refuse eating is 48 hours.

However, if there are more symptoms, you should definitely take him to the vet’s clinic so that he will have better care. It is better to get some advice from the doctor than just guessing and waiting. In addition to that, if your dog refuses to drink, it would be dangerous as well. Therefore, do not ignore any changes or symptoms that your dog has.

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