How to Choose Dog Foods For a Sensitive Digestive System?

Many dogs have a sensitive digestive system, which is surprising. In these cases, they cannot tolerate certain foods. Worse, they are allergic. Dog owners need to know what causes allergies to their pets before things get worse.

Symptoms suggest your dog has a sensitive digestive system

The first symptom that your puppies have a weaker digestive system than average is loose stools. Accompanied by another sign is peeing more than two times a day. The healthy average gastrointestinal dog only needs feces once a day. Besides, dogs may vomit.

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Be aware of whether your puppies are itchy in areas such as the face, front legs, feet, underarms, and around the anus. If your dog has an unhealthy digestive system, they can also be affected and have a yeast infection. Also, unresponsive skin infections vs. steroid treatment can be an easily identifiable factor.

Some other noticeable signs are itching that occurs year-round, not in certain seasons. In addition, if your puppies have skin problems, you should review their diet. And finally, to be sure, if you encounter any unusual problems, seek help from online information.

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Factors that can cause a lot of digestive problems in dogs

Here is a list of foods you should be careful about when adding to the dog’s menu:

  • Beef products
  • Dairy products
  • Soybean
  • Corn
  • Wheat/gluten
  • Egg
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Food containing colorings

There are many cases that are difficult to diagnose

You know, because there are so many other symptoms for the same sign, sometimes it’s difficult to identify a problem. Once you’ve helped your dogs get rid of flea, eczema, yeast, or parasitic allergies, it’s time to consider whether they have a problem with their digestive system or not. In addition, not all cases of allergies stem from the digestive system. It can come from the environment, things that dogs can breathe in such as pollen.

In short, to make it easier to diagnose your lovely hairy friends, make sure they are hygienic and well-groomed beforehand. Also, don’t forget to follow their diet. Once you have done the above, the diagnostic process will be much easier.

A healthy diet for dogs

Healthy dog food has all three of the following: Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fats. The diet you establish for your dog must be “adequate and balanced.”  It means that the Itdiet must meet all of the dog’s nutritional needs.

The digestive system of canine animals is different from humans, so they need food that can be quickly digested. Fat and some carbohydrates are two factors that cause dogs to deal with digestion. Currently, on the market, more expensive foods with better protein content are usually obtained from fresh meat and restrict fat and carbohydrates.

A PET MD study indicated that about 15% of the fat in dog food is ideal. If there is a food that has more content than that, it will make it very difficult for your dog to digest. Besides, if food is primarily made up of fresh meat, the correct types of fat can be derived from pork.

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Fiber, of course, is a worrying ingredient for a canine digestive system. Meanwhile, dog food is usually high in corn and wheat – foods that take a long time for dogs to digest fully. When dogs eat these substances, it causes them to release more waste and not absorb much.

So, before choosing your dog food, check carefully the ingredients listed on the bag. Also, try feeding your dogs brown-rice, sweet potatoes, and beets as carbohydrates.

On the market today, dog-friendly foods often supplement vitamins A, E, and C that provide antioxidants as well as some probiotics. As a result, the dogs have a healthy gut. A good time to try the food to see if it causes allergies is 12 weeks.



To keep your puppies healthy, try giving your dog another diet that is proven to be healthy. You can find it in brick and mortar stores or buy food for your dog has never tried before. Maybe their main ingredient is rabbits and potatoes.

Make sure the ingredients in the feed are simple. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian for appropriate assistance.

To allow the new diet to prove its usefulness, it takes you 12 weeks, as the information mentioned above. After that time, if the allergy subsides, you can investigate and find out the culprit that caused the allergy earlier. After that, you can continue to maintain such a diet or eliminate the ingredients that cause allergies and continue following the old menu. Scientific tests have proven that most pets will respond to food for over 12 weeks while a few of them may react earlier.

If you don’t trust some stereotypical diets, you can make your own new pet. Accordingly, you can control everything in that diet. However, you must keep in mind that a balanced diet and avoid the prevailing suspicion of allergy.

Some tips you need to consider

While performing a test diet for your pets:

  • Make sure your pet is outside the room at mealtime;
  • Do not give her or him to eat with other dogs. Especially keep cat food away from it;
  • Limit the use of flavored chewable drugs as it may affect the test results;
  • Do not add any foods other than the trial diet.

If a diet consisting of ducks and rice works, try adding cows to it for a few weeks. If your pet has allergy symptoms again, you can infer that beef is the cause of the harm. However, the number of agents may be more than one, so you should also try a few other foods.

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Wrapping up

To keep a healthy dog, you need to provide them with a nutritious diet to meet the need to maintain and restore tissues in their bodies. To determine the right food for dogs, you should base on the size of the body and the amount of energy needed for their daily activities.

If your pet has a sensitive digestive system, make it a more sensible diet. You have to go a long way to find the culprit, but it’s worth it. And you should remember that eliminating red meat from menus is vital to make or switch to a grainless brand.

It’s hard to deny that raising a well-developed dog is not easy. You need to focus and take the time to take care of it as much as possible. I wish your dogs good health. If you find this article interesting, please share it. Thanks for reading.

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