Top 5 tips to get rid of dog hair that you shouldn’t ignore

Although dogs are intelligent and popular animals, their coat has never made us comfortable. In fact, there are many people who like dogs but are allergic to dog hair. They cannot live in a dirty space and a space full of dog hair. At this time, the tools as well as the tips to get rid of hair dog are very necessary for us. Therefore, definitely top 5 tips to get rid of dog hair below seems to be very helpful for many people. Don’t forget, we will also share with you many other tips about your pet. So keep track of our posts regularly!


Sprinkle Baking Soda on the floor

One of the simplest tips we can apply to get rid of the dog’s fur is to spread baking soda on the floor. Baking soda is one of the easiest items to find in every family’s kitchen space. Baking soda is able to bond with dog hair. When baking soda is spread on the floor, dog hair sticks to baking soda and is easily cleaned with a broom.

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

Baking Soda is able to remove dog hair easily – Source:

We recommend sprinkling baking soda about 15 minutes before your dog is indoors. However, baking soda often has a rather unpleasant odor when sprinkling indoors, so we recommend using one of the other deodorizing solutions to make your home space cleaner and more aromatic.

In the process of spreading baking soda, you can focus on the corners because dog hair is often concentrated on those areas.

Thanks to baking soda, the obsession with dog hair will be reduced somewhat. Therefore, do not forget to store some baking soda in the kitchen cupboard for regular use. You can find more cheap and effective baking soda in here.

Use dedicated rollers

If you don’t have baking soda or want to get rid of dog hair in a more professional way, the dedicated roller will be extremely helpful when cleaning dog hair in a house space. Dedicated rollers are specially designed and capable of removing all the hairs from thin to thick in all the places they go through.

Dog hair sticks to everything in the living room, especially in places like corners, very small areas. However, do not worry, the small size roller can help you clean dog hair in every position, even under the bed or under the sofa.

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

Rollers with different sizes will help you completely clean dog hair in the housing space – Source:

Rollers can even clean dog hair on furniture items. It is like a mini vacuum cleaner, collecting all the smallest rubbish in the most dangerous places in the house. You want to clean the dog fur on the carpet, dog fur in furniture, dog fur on the sofa, dog fur in household appliances, dog fur in clothes, modern dedicated rollers can help you solve it thoroughly.

If your clothes accidentally get too much dog hair, you can combine a roller with a liquid softener into the process of washing clothes. Double cleaning will help dog hair disappear completely in your housing space.

Use a vacuum cleaner dedicated to pet hair

If the dedicated roller can not deal with your dog’s thick fur, it’s time for the pet’s vacuum cleaner to work. You will need to invest in a vacuum cleaner dedicated to pet hair, which is said to be quite expensive. But it will help you thoroughly clean the dog’s fur. After only 1-2 hours, no dog hairs will exist in your home space.

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

The vacuum cleaner is a safe choice for a clean, no dog fur – Source:

We recommend that you should use a flexible and large-sized vacuum cleaner that can clean dog hair anywhere. If you do not have a choice available, please refer to some equipment in here.

Buy a rubber broom

Maybe you do not know, a rubber broom can also help you clean dog hair quickly. As we said, baking soda combined with a rubber broom can remove almost dog hair that exists in your home. However, even without baking soda, a rubber broom can accomplish its task excellently.

These elastic, flexible and small elastic brooms will help you clean dog hair in the blink of an eye. You can easily buy rubber brooms at many stores and supermarkets with very cheap price, not as expensive as the type of vacuum cleaner dedicated to pet hair.

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

A rubber broom works greatly with pet hair, especially dog ​​hair – Source:

If you’ve ever visited a pet care center, you can easily see many types of rubber brooms used to maintain general hygiene at the center. The rubber broom must have been on the list: “Some things to buy when raising your pet”. Whether you have carpets or floor tiles, a rubber broom can handle stubborn fur effectively.

You just need to stand to sweep the floor and no need to bend down to pick up group of dog hairs falling everywhere. With a flexible length handle, it’s really convenient for users.

Remove pet hair with microfiber rug

If you don’t have money to buy a vacuum cleaner dedicated to the pet and aren’t satisfied with a rubber broom, roller or even allergic to baking soda, microfiber cloths are the only option for you. Microfiber cloths can naturally suck dog hair on the floor.

That’s why so many cleaning materials today use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths is not only clean dog fur in the floor, but also clean dog fur in the furniture. If a vacuum cleaner or roller can’t help you remove dog hair on furniture or surfaces made of glass/wood, microfiber cloths can solve all of that.

You should wet your microfiber cloth a little before using it to wipe some things. While microfiber works greatly for cleaning dog fur, you’ll also need to change it regularly to keep it hygienic.

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

Although microfiber cloth is very small but it can work very well with dog fur on a surface made of wood/glass – Source:

Dog hair will stick to this cloth and it will be difficult to remove so after only a few times, you definitely have to replace it to keep your home space cleaner. In addition to fur, you should also pay more attention to pet skin, especially dog ​​skin. Refer here to learn more about how to protect the skin of dogs.

Each type of utensils and equipment has the effect of cleaning fur in a different position, material. If you have good financial ability, love animals and cleanliness, own all of the above tools to keep your housing space tidy and clean. However, if your financial ability is not really good, refer to the simple and cheap appliances that we have shared above!

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