How to successfully train a Corgi puppy?

If you are looking for advice on how to train a Corgi puppy, this article is for you. Corgi dogs are intelligent so the training will not be too difficult for you.

Just like other dogs, Corgi needs good training when he is still young. Also, these dogs are highly intelligent, so the training will be easy for you. This breed responds well to mental challenges. However, if you just bring home a new Corgi puppy, you need to apply authority over him early in the relationship. If you do not begin the training immediately, you will have many problems as they grow because the Corgi will take on the role of pack leader.

How to train a Corgi puppy?

Originally, they were bred to be herding dogs which made them fearless and independent. Because of that, they can be very difficult to train when you don’t have the right information and planning. To make your Corgi puppy become a loving member of the family, you need to train him in several different areas and of course, it takes a lot of your time and effort.

Corgi puppies are cute and smart

Corgi puppies are adorable, but they are pack animals. Therefore, if you don’t portray that you are the leader, they will establish dominance. A Corgi puppy will know how to test their owners to see what they can get away with. During your training session, make sure that you stay consistent, put their cuteness aside and stand your ground in order to discipline this breed.

In addition to that, you need to tell all your family members about your puppy training, so that they will do the same thing as you do to your dog. This will prevent your dog from becoming confused and that the training will be more flawless. This will not have to be done in a harsh way. Stay firm but still be kind and friendly to your dog.

The training can be frustrating sometimes, but still really enjoyable for both of you. Better get it done early to avoid any problems in the future. The most important thing is your presence in the early stages. It will be time consuming but you can’t leave your puppy alone when you first brought him home. He needs his owner beside him in a new environment.

What should you train your puppy?

As we stated above, there are several areas that you need to train your Corgi puppy.

Space limitation

Don’t give you puppy access to entire house/ PH: Reddit

This is quite obvious when it comes to puppy training. You need to restrict your dog to one area until he has learned some rules and obeys them. The space might be the kitchen because kitchen floors are easy to clean.

Make sure that your puppy should never be given free access to all parts of the house. That is to avoid some accidents like him falling down stairs or pooping on carpets without knowing that he is doing wrong. Also, it is useful to use baby gates or a large crate to stop your dog leaving the designated spot and keep him safe when you are not around or busy doing your things.


Just like kids, puppies have little control over their bladder and therefore, their owners need to establish when he needs the toilet. Usually this happens early in the morning before he starts his first meal.

It will also be helpful if you can leave your bed during the night and take him outside. He will know what he needs to do. After he is done, make sure to reward him by giving him a small treat, a good meal or cuddle. By doing that, you puppy will know that he is doing the right thing and continue to do it.

Additionally, you can put newspaper or puppy pads on the floor as places to use like a toilet. Make sure to leave the paper or pad closer to the door and then gradually move them outside.

You can also use dog diapers when you first start this training. If you constantly bring your dog outside and praise him when he succeeds, you will be satisfied with your training after a week or two. He will get the idea and runs to the door whenever he needs to go potty.

Daily routine

It is really important to establish a routine for your Corgi puppy. A daily routine can be visiting outside in the morning, go potty, having his first meal afterwards, another visit outside and then a little play time.

The routine also needs to work with your schedule as you need to be beside him during these trainings. Soon your dog will find out when he gets the food and where the water bowl is.

Along with a good daily routine, you should also say “no” to him when he has some bad behaviours. By saying “no”, I mean you can do it by actions, for example, keep him in his crate when he has done something wrong. Also, Corgi is smart, they can learn a few certain words, so it is a good idea to talk to him. And don’t forget to reward your dog when he is good.

Leash walking

Discourage your dog when he has done something wrong/ PH: Youtube 

When your puppy has settled in and gets used to the new environment, you can try a little use of collar and lead. First, you can leave a collar on for a while, then attach the lead but you should never pull on it.

This sometimes can annoy your puppy or even frighten them and set you further back. Instead, you need to hold the lead loosely and allow your puppy to wander around while you follow him.

It is always a good idea to bring a bag of treats with you when you train your dog. This will encourage him to go in the direction that you want him to go to. When interest is sparked, he will not notice a slight pull on the lead and soon your puppy will follow quite automatically. Try to always have him on your left hand side and stay close to you. If you repeat it several times in a day, your puppy will get used to it.

Crate training

This piece of equipment is essential for puppy training. It is very helpful to use crate along with daily routine. You can feed your puppy in the crate. It will then become a little cave for his safety and protection.

Additionally, it is really convenient to keep your dog in the crate without worrying about him when you need to do your things. Remember to never treat your dog as if the crate is a small jail for them, because he will then refuse getting in there. It is also crucial for you to prepare a comfortable crate with sufficient bedding, good air flow and good amount of light.


When you go outside for a walk, meet your friends or get your stuff, you should take your dog with you. He should be used to meeting other people and other dogs. You can also take him to the puppy parties which are run by the local vet. It is important for your Corgi to learn to accept being handled by strangers and to be gentle with humans.

Nipping at the heels of people is a common behaviour with your Corgi so you need to discourage him when he is still a puppy. Be strict with him once he behaves in a manner that is not appropriate, he will know that he should not do it again.

Sit, stay and come

It will bring you a lot of fun to teach your puppy these commands. You can start the sit one when he arrives in your home. When he comes to you, simply give a gentle pressure on the rear end and say “sit”.

You should do the stand when your dog is on the leash. Say “stand” when you wave something interesting in front of him. Do not expect him to keep the stand for very long at first but you should give him praise when he does.

When you succeed with these two commands, try having him on a leash. Give the sit command and then say “stay” as you hold a hand with the palm towards him. Afterwards, step back a little bit and say “come” as you give him lots of cuddles and pats. Then you step back further until you feel that the leash can be taken away. This should be done in a yard, garden or kitchen at first.

These trainings are fun for you as well as your Corgi puppy. Train them early will strengthen your relationship, also help you make friends with other dog lovers. We hope that this article is helpful for you.

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