Is Lipstick Bad For Your Canines?

It is true to say that lipstick is a very popular item for women all over the world. Most women always keep this handy lipstick with them when working or hanging out. Recently, a new trend has emerged regarding lipstick. Some people have the idea to use lipstick for their dogs or cats. Using lipstick to paint on your dog’s face can be one of the things that make you feel extremely interesting and funny. Pictures of your dog with lipstick drawings are funny. But whether lipstick is safe for your canines or not

Dogs and Red Lips

As mentioned above, there are times when you really want to color your dog with lipstick because it is funny. The good news is you have nothing to worry about. Lipstick usually is not harmful to dogs or cats. A few uses of lipstick do not endanger your pet’s health.

If your pet becomes interested in your make-up with lipstick, that’s great and you don’t need to worry. Although lipstick is not edible, it will not be lethal to your pet. However, your pet may vomit or have diarrhea after accidentally ingesting lipstick. Other than that, you may not see any other side effects on your pet’s health.

There are times when you really want to color your dog with lipstick because it is very funny

However, you should not be subjective when your pet swallows lipstick. Please take it to the vet and ask for advice from them. They are the ones who will give you the best advice. This is especially important when your pet is allergic to lipstick ingredients.

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The ingredients are in lipstick. What are they?

Truly that lipsticks are so familiar to us. They were born thousands of years ago. This simply means that women from the past have known how to make them more beautiful. But are you sure that you understand what is in it?

A study by the University of California, Berkeley looked at the composition of 32 famous lipstick brands. The results of the study suggest that some lipsticks contain heavy metals that are harmful to our health. In fact, a woman may accidentally eat her lipstick when using them.

This results in the woman’s body being contaminated with the heavy metal found in some lipsticks. Here are some of the heavy metals that researchers found in popular lipstick brands: Aluminum, Cadmium, and Lead. Because the cosmetic market is still unregulated, it is possible that you are using a lipstick that contains heavy metals in excess of the allowed level. Thus, it is harmful to you and your pet.

Although the negative effects on your body will not manifest immediately, the accumulation of these metals in the long term can poison your body. Repeatedly putting lipstick on your dog with similar chemicals can also be harmful.

Your pets may accidentally eat your lipstick when you use it 

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What heavy metals can do harm to your dog?

The fact of the matter is that the lipstick itself is not a major hazard to your dog when it is accidentally swallowed by your dog. The heavy metals in it are what we need to worry about. Let’s talk about the heavy metals found in lipstick


Although aluminum is one of the most common elements on the planet and it is very useful, it is not safe once you swallow it. With large amounts of accumulation in the body, aluminum can cause a more severe allergy and make you more susceptible to various diseases. Aluminum can affect the pituitary gland and in large quantities, it can impair your mental abilities.

For pets, especially pregnant dogs, they should minimize exposure to aluminum as it can be life-threatening for unborn dogs.


Not the same ase aluminum, Cadmium can cause cancer. It can damage the bones, lungs, and kidneys. People exposed to this factor often experience reduced organ function.

Reliable studies show that young animals tend to absorb more cadmium than their adult counterparts. This factor also makes it difficult for dogs to absorb important minerals.


There is no denying that lead is also very common and it is present almost everywhere. Exposure to this factor is most common in dogs that are regularly outdoors. Dogs that chew on batteries, remote controls and golf balls can eat quite large amounts of lead.

If your body accumulates too much lead, you are at higher risk for cancer, although it is not easy to do. However, you need to know that lead can cause anemia in dogs and in humans. You cannot be subjective because this can kill you and your pet.

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All in all, a lipstick tube used to improve the look of someone who can make a pet toy. But you have to be very careful. While this is fun, it can also accidentally harm your pets. Always remember that your dog should not be chewed on anything other than food because it could harm your dog. You should not tolerate this behavior.

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