Labrador puppy food guide – Simple and accurate

A beautiful dog – Labrador is loved by many people and raised in housing spaces. However, just loving is not enough, we need to know how to take care of and understand their habits and behaviors, especially for puppies. The first thing we think you need to learn before taking care of them is learn how to choose food for them. Choosing food for Labrador puppy is not difficult but it requires a lot of your skills and patience. The following simple and accurate Labrador puppy food guide will probably help you.

When should we feed Labrador puppies?

Before give you instruction to choose the right food for Labrador puppies, we think it is essential for you to know how to take care of them and understand the eating habits of this breed. This breed possesses a sensitive digestive system. Therefore, the food for them must also be carefully selected. Along with the careful food selection process, you also need to pay attention to the appropriate time that we can start feeding food for the dog after weaning time.

Labrador puppy food guide - Simple and accurate

We need to pay attention to the first time we start feeding Labrador puppies after weaning time

Usually, Labrador puppies will be weaned after 3 weeks of birth. During these 3 weeks, the dog will be drinking milk directly from the mother dog. 3 weeks is the right time for the puppies to own the best health and start independent life. However, it will take 1 or 2 weeks for them to get used to the new life. During this time, you can feed your dog a combination of breast milk with easy-to-digest foods like porridge, nutritious water, etc.

You can feed your dog by this method for 1-2 weeks so they can get used to the new diet easily. In the process of adopting this diet, you need to gradually reduce the amount of milk that Labrador puppies drink. Labrador puppies have very good adaptability. Eight weeks after being born, the Labrador puppies have been adapt to any new environment.

Labrador puppy food guide - Simple and accurate

8 weeks postpartum is the perfect time for Labrador puppies to get used to new life


Should you feed Labrador puppies by commercial food or raw food?

There are many opinions around which foods should be used for Labrador puppies, commercial food or raw food? Commercial food is the food made from a variety of food sources as well as various processing methods. Most commercial foods will be canned and used with preservatives. Therefore, many people believe that commercial food is not suitable for dogs with sensitive digestive systems like Labrador puppies. Raw food is made carefully and cleanly is the better choice.

However, there are many others people who think that raw food is carefully and cleanly made but cannot provide enough nutrients for Labrador puppies. Raw food should only be used for Labrador dogs who are on a diet, anti-obesity or mature dogs with enough nutrients to feed the body. For Labrador puppies, commercially nutritious commercial food is the best solution for their health. We do not encourage you to use raw foods that you did not make it by yourself. Because the safety and cleanliness of raw food is unsatisfactory and can also be harm seriously to your dog.

Labrador puppy food guide - Simple and accurate

Labrador puppies have sensitive digestive systems, whether commercial or raw food will suit them?

We know that it’s hard for you to choose the right food for your dog. So, we think that the vet will help you solve this problem. In the opinion of our veterinarian, commercial foods produced from reputable units are indeed the best choice. However, if you do not trust the current commercial feed manufacturers, use raw food made by yourself to ensure the nutrition of Labrador puppies. There are many commercial foods that you can refer to for Labrador puppies to eat such as Pedigree, royal canin, smartheart, Classic Pets, ANF, Ganador … These Labrador puppy foods Originals from famous manufacturers and has been given a safety certificate for puppy. So you can use it without worrying too much about the health of the Labrador retriever.


How much should we feed the dog?

Besides using commercial food or raw food, the amount of food we should feed to Labrador puppies is also a important factor. With the time that you and your puppy spend together, we think that no one knows the amount of food that Labrador puppies need the most like you. You need to monitor their diet from its birth to the time they are weaned to get the most accurate dose.

Labrador puppy food guide - Simple and accurate

The amount of dog food will depend on the tracking of the Labrador puppies you have made

You should not despise and ignore this case. Maybe you do not know, when the Labrador retriever’s body grows too fast, its musculoskeletal system will be under a lot of pressure compared to its true ability. This can put your dog at risk like bone diseases. We should not feed to Labrador puppies more than usual or more than the diet recommended by a veterinarian. Because, this can have more negative effects than positive effects.

In addition to the amount of food that you should feed to your Labrador puppies, you also need to pay attention to the number of meals per day. Usually, an 8 weeks old Labrador puppy will weigh 7 to 8 kg. These dogs need at least 4 meals a day and two ounces per meal. You can add more vitamins A and D to make them healthier.

Labrador puppy food guide - Simple and accurate

Labrador puppies’ diet should be changed regularly

The number of meals and the quality of each meal will need to improve over time. Therefore, you need to monitor the height, weight of the dog to take care of them better.

Besides choosing how to feed to your Labrador puppies, you also need to know how to groom your dog and how to bathe it. Labrador puppy care tips have been shared in recent articles. If you have any problems with Labrador puppy care, please share it with us because we can help you!

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