Social Media is Ruining Our Dogs. Why?

Sometimes we gain knowledge through social  media. On other hand, there is no denying that social media is ruining our dogs. We all like to watch a funny video of a dog when it’s joking or performing funny actions. However, some social media channels today, content doesn’t just include humorous videos.

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The fact of the matter is that there are 2 types of dog owners that we see very often: people who owned mutts, and people who owned purebred dogs. However, we will not be here to comment on which one is good. In fact, the weirdest dogs and adult dogs attract more attention on the media way.

Dog breeders are attracted to profit. Many of them are pumping out radical puppies because people are willing to buy them. These varieties are entirely based on appearance and eye-catching appearance to attract buyers at high prices. It is never based on its health and genetic material.

Social media is ruining our dogs?

Most of the victims of that action were dogs like Chihuahua, Pomeranians, French bullies, American Bullies and the like. They are bred to please social media addicts and many of them are currently living an unhealthy life. They have a tough wave with brachycephalic syndrome, breathing problems, arthritis and more.

Based on that fact, some of the best dog insurance is also considering adjusting their insurance policy for high-risk dog breeds.

Dog owners are also marketers

When searching for hashtags related to dog breeds on Instagram, you will find that many breeders are purely marketing their kennels. The most common cases are dogs like Bulldog, American Bully, and Pitbull.

When you are raising puppies that are sound and healthy, marketing your kennels is great. And it would be better if you use social media to raise people’s awareness and show your hard work. However, in reality it is not so.

In fact, the breeders are using blood from unique dog breeds like Greyline, Razors Edge or DDK, etc. and then putting all that blood into the daily photo posting, promoting that great blood.

American Bully, a very new dog breed, is a good example. Breeders are trying to create a unique genre of their own in the breed. Now, this breed is almost meaningless because so many different breeding directions have been made: micro, pouch, standard, small standard, XL, XXL, giant, exotic, and more.

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Unregulated and unregulated markets lead to many negative consequences

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram have now become popular methods for people looking to sell or buy a dog. On Facebook groups, protected species can be found in some closed groups so you can’t easily access them.

If you want to buy a new puppy, the Facebook groups will be very convenient for you. Because the seller is on Facebook, you have an illusion of safety. It is always available on your smartphone.

It can hardly be denied that on these platforms, dogs are traded as commodities. This the same as buying a used phone from another person. Of course, breeders are keen to sell the dogs as soon as possible. To encourage buyers, they often discount prices on the same day purchases.

Their photos are photos taken for the purpose of illustrating the dogs they will sell. In fact, they are very confidential about what they do, very little information is given, especially the details of a typical dog health check. You will find puppies sold next to pet clippers and other dog grooming supplies.

Social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram have now become popular methods for people looking to sell or buy a dog. Source:

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is also planning to add sales features. Unfortunately, this will facilitate things like the above. It will surely promote dog-related transactions. Instagram is extremely intuitive, the temptation will be inevitable for many people, including most likely you.

You have all the convenience but there’s no guarantee on social media – and if you text most sellers to ask uncomfortable but necessary questions for any responsible dog lover Come on, most likely they will ignore you.

However, not everything in the media is bad for dogs. You are also more aware of rescue and shelter through the use of media

In fact, more and more videos of beautiful stories about dogs saved from hell appear. They have turned people around and made them more responsible dog owners.

On the other hand, many people just like to share their photos of dogs and they feel very happy about it

Also, for those who buy a new puppy, social media allows you to track breeders’ information. You will have a chance to find many clues as to whether he or she is an ethical dog breeder. If not, you can add them directly on Facebook and see what they are sharing on their personal page. An ethical breeder wishes only that when they wake up they will have a new litter of puppies for sale.

In addition, connecting with people through social networks is also important and there are many paths on social channels to meet people with the same passion. It is also much easier to stay in touch with the people we have met at dog shows and see what they plan to do.

In fact, some of the best dog insurances are also considering adjusting their policy coverage for these dog breeds at risk.

All in all, social media has a great influence on us, at any age. In general, there are some good things, some bad things and some bad things to watch on social media when you love dogs.

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